Panepento Jewelry Designs

We have been making award winning jewelry since 1987. Usually we sell at the Portland Saturday Market, art shows around the Northwest and our website, Our jewelry is light, graceful and flowing like ribbons of metal with stone accents. While we use a variety of techniques to create unique pieces, most of them contain elements made with our proprietary process, flow forging. These unusual pieces are a pleasure to wear and receive loads of compliments for the wearer. We avoid the use of nickel - the most common allergen - so our pieces are safe to wear.
Our pieces are guaranteed for workmanship for one year.
Free shipping.
A greater selection of our pieces can be found on our website: Https://

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I haven't opened the package yet. It will be an anniversary gift for my wife in June and came pre-wrapped in mail-like packaging. :0

Looking forward to her opening it in a couple of weeks.

Thank you!

matthew h about listing Solar Reverse Pearl Pendant 5 months ago.

great buyer! thank you again!

The Spoiled Cat about listing Carrot of Joy and Happiness 6 months ago.