Uplifting Products


The Uplifting Products mission is to provide an example of chemical free cosmetics and body care at a price within everyone’s budget; all plant and mineral based and designed to accent beauty instead of covering you up. Going hand in hand with education about why switching to a more natural and chemical free lifestyle is essential to longevity of health.


Uplifting Products works towards a future where cosmetic and body care crafters are transparent with their sourcing and use of ingredients; listen to their consumers to ever evolve to be more renewable, user friendly and high quality; and give back to the community from which they do business.

We are striving towards this goal every day by educating our customs about where we source our ingredients, sharing our continued effort to find renewable and biodegradable packaging, and having real discussions about how to be a better business for each other and the planet.

Uplifting Products pairs with other local businesses, sourcing ingredients and packaging from Portland, Oregon, and the United States. Any and all products not fit for sale are donated to local and afar homeless shelters, non-profit organizations, needy families and education centers.

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