Roads End Pottery

David Hough has been throwing and firing high fire stoneware for over 40 years. Through thousands of hours in the studio and even more mistakes David has built a style and product that has been loved by thousands. Described as Wabi-Sabi, Roads End Pottery pieces embrace the perfection within the imperfection. Allowing our glazes to run, and have a diverse color set and physical shape, every kiln and piece is a gift to us and eventually it's final owner.

A small family business, David has supported two children through college and has a studio in the forest on 5 acres of forest land. David and his family are working to make the business sustainable and utilizing many eco-bustiness practices such as PGE Green Electricity, clay recycling, some glaze recycling, general recycling, and off grid water sources.

Thank you for supporting our family and vision, and please enjoy our work,


David, Leslie and Jesse Hough

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