Feral Fungi

Feral Fungi is a small business based out of Oregon City that specializes in high quality mushroom extracts. All of our tinctures are dual extracted from the fruiting body of fungi cultivated and wild harvested primarily in the Pacific Northwest and include the purified mineral salts from the mushroom to produce a uniquely holistic extract.

These tinctures can be used as daily tonics to support the body’s intrinsic function in moderate doses (1-3ml) and to support the body and physiological system through chronic conditions in high doses (3-9ml). These extracts can also be effective for energetic alignment in low doses (0.25-0.5ml).

We believe in creating High Quality Extracts unmatched by anything on the market, and believe whole heartedly in the Spagyric method for creating profound aqueous extracts. Try for yourself and feel the difference.

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