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I am a self-taught painter and illustrator whose works explore aspects of the environment, personal growth, and social issues. My hope is for my work to relate to and transcend my own and others deepest fears and greatest aspirations. To encourage acceptance, connection, and compassion, empowering change in the world.

A lot of my work focuses on animals, feminine beings, and energetic nature scapes. This is to represent the importance of creation, the divine feminine, and exploration of consciousness. I aim to draw attention to the issues in our society concerning unethical and unsustainable practices that are detrimental to our humanity and all forms of life on earth. I wish to celebrate the sacred elements of life, the things that have inspired and shown me light as well as the struggles and darkness that I have conquered. I hope to put these things into a visual representation that can relate to others own experiences.

To me, art is an expression of living and a meditative practice that has been my trusted companion throughout life. Visual expression has always been my main passion and an integral part of my growth. I hope to challenge my creativity by endlessly channeling the limitless exploration of the imagination. I believe greatly in the freedom to express one’s self through artistic means, and I strive to do this everyday.

Izabella Rain
Instagram: @izabella.rain.art
Etsy: etsy.com/shop/bellamindcreations
Website: izabellarainart.com

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