1 oz Myco Heart Spagyric Blend

1 oz Myco Heart Spagyric Blend

*Myco-Heart is a one of a kind formula utilizing some of our favorite mushrooms to support a healthy heart and cardiovascular system. This blend is also useful in supporting healthy immune and respiratory function. It is formulated using Turkey Tail, Reishi, Cordyceps, and Artist Conk. *

This Blend Helps to Support:

◊ Healthy cardiovascular system function
◊ Healthy circulation and oxygenation of cells
◊ The body's ability to regulate blood pressure
◊ A healthy inflammation response

Best used as a daily tonic!

Feral Fungi has an entire line of mushroom spagyric tinctures in various sizes. To learn more about us or see more products/size options, check us out our website: www.feralfungi.com

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