1 oz Spagyric Blend Set (Set of 5)

Set of 5 (1oz) Spagyric Blends

Each blend within this set of 5 (1oz.) spagyric formulas supports a different body system. All of them can be taken as daily health tonics, and most can be taken for in the moment support.

Myco Clarity
Mental Clarity & Focus
Lion’s Mane—Reishi—Cordyceps

Myco Digest
Digestion & Gut Support
Lion’s Mane—Red Belted Conk—Chaga—Shiitake—Turkey Tail

Myco Heart
Heart Strength & Circulation
Turkey Tail—Reishi—Cordyceps—Artist Conk

Myco Vitality
Health and Vitality
Reishi—Turkey Tail—Maitake—Shiitake—Chaga—Artist Conk—Red Belted Conk

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Category : Health & Wellness

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