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I started shooting with film when I was 10 years old with a little 110 camera. Over the years I have continued to shoot film, with a mix of digital. I love driving my truck out on old forest roads to remote locations and hiking in the rain to capture the best misty tree images. Backpacking and traveling have allowed me to find places I treasure and love to share with others. I began selling large format photo prints on Instagram in early 2017 and my business has continued to expand since then. I now offer a large range of print sizes, styles and postcards. Lately my passion project is creating portraits with in-camera 35mm film double exposure images, layered with natural elements from around Oregon's forests and coastline.

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Beautiful calendar with great pictures of Oregon. There was a delay in receiving the calendar, but it was due to the post office and not the artist.

Cheryl S about listing 2021 Oregon 12 Page Calendar 2 years ago.

Great communication and support

Adam Z about listing Ohanapecosh Greeting Card 2 years ago.