Sabrina MacVicar Art

Duality- Emotion- Synchronicity

 In the midst of my conscious personal evolution, I began to understand what type of art fits my personality and state of mind. Hand-drawn, patterned, abstract, symmetrical and highly-detailed work are the foundation of what moves me to output creative energy daily.

I have always been passionate about expressing myself. From the first time I could pick up a pencil, a microphone or a camera- ever since I can retrieve my first memories-drawing, singing, photography and directing/editing short films was where I begun. From a young age, I struggled with learning in such a traditional school setting and I always craved a different creative outlet. With art as medicine, it fulfills and permanently distracts me enough to get through this ride with a radiating lens.

 I am a Western Washington University Graduate of 2017, with a Bachelor's in Studio Art and Minor in Arts Enterprise and Cultural Innovation with a concentration in mixed media.

Currently expanding my horizons by using color, and experimenting with mixed media. I create these pieces with pressed/desiccated flowers from my garden on canvas, acrylic paintings, and magazine snip-it collages. I am doing commissions! (Acrylic paintings, flower collages, mixed media collages, ink pen drawings, portraits, etc).

 I do every part of production myself. First I scan my hand-drawn work, digitally enhance, print-at-home, seal and will deliver (if local). 

:) Thank you for your support! :)

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