Hawthorne Crossing ( bike )

Good chance posts are removed in a week. Probably better image viewing at pnphotoart.com. This website lowering sharpness. Print looks better, sharper than shown here.

11"x14" digital print of my classic darkroom print ( few left at top $$ ). Standard frame size.

Signed front and back.

$25 - Free USA Shipping. Good deal. Lower than my website or booth price.

International ship please contact.

Any size, and large custom art can be ordered.

Large quantity discounts.

pnphotoart.com / peter@pnphotoart.com

Contact to mail checks, order direct, talk on the phone, etc.

: ) Peter Nelson

Category : Visual Arts

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Jennifer T

1 year ago

Hi there. I like your Hawthorne Bridge print and would like to purchase a custom size of 11.5 X 17.5. Is this possible?


Jen Thessin

Peter N

1 year ago

Hi Jen,

Sure. Custom prints are nicer. It'd be much more than $25. Getting late, I'm out tomorrow. I'll be in touch. Email at peter@pnphotoart.com. My website is slow with software updating, but it works. Thanks.

Peter N

1 year ago

Hi Jen,

It's about $75 + / - depending on paper choice and shipping. Standard photographic is just great, and there is a premium fine art paper that's nicer. They both look great.

The $25 print here is a cheaper, mass produced version. The custom print is much nicer in every way.

Just let me know and it can be printed up,


Peter 503 429 5909 peter@pnphotoart.com

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