Eye Lash Serum

Originally designed as a clear mascara, several women came back and were telling me how this helped make their lashes long and fuller after using for a few months! I just changed the name and kept the same amazing formula designed to hydrate and give back to your lashes while your sleep or underneath your normal daily mascara.

We are constantly stripping the natural oils from our eyes when applying and removing makeup. UP Eye Lash Serum is just another simple step to 'feed' those beautiful lashes, helping them stay long, full and fluffy like nature intends.

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Ingredients: organic aloe vera, witch hazel, organic sunflower oil, candelilla wax, organic jojoba oil, sunflower lecithin, emulsifier, organic coconut activated charcoal, kaolin clay, grapefruit seed extract (preservative), and rosemary extract (preservative)

Our pure and natural mascara will have you saying “No way!” to the chemical competitors. An aloe vera base for hydrating healthy lashes. Activated charcoal from organic coconuts achieves our rich color. Layers up excellent for that bold look.

Water resistant, will hold up to the occational cry and sprinkling weather. But washes off easy with warm water and soap, won't tear out your lashes with repeditive use.

Apply like any traditional mascara, our formulation is slightly thinner and may require a few extra layers of building. Easy removal with just soap and water. Feel safe about what you put on your skin everyday and choose natural and organic. Proven hypoallergenic formula. Won't sting eyes or cause irritation.

Comes in a 15mL plastic tube with a wand. Uplifting Products offered refills on all of our mascara tubes. We also have an extensive plan to recycle or reuse all mascara tubes if you send or drop these off with us. Plastic free packaging is coming by the end of 2020.

All UP packages are created using eco friendly methods. All boxes and padded envelopes are made of biodegradable materials and held together with biodegradable paper tape. All padding is upcycled or reused from our own ordering.

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