Wicked Witch Mineral Eyeshadow Palette

Harvest Time
Purple Haze
Copper My Tone

Wicked Witch is the perfect palette to achieve our original Wicked Witch Halloween look. You're provided with Harvest Time for the perfect witchy green skin, use a dusty brush or pom to apply a thin translucent layer that will last all Halloween. Purple Haze in combination with Va-Va-Violaceous will create a dramatic purple eye that will match the drama of the evening. Copper My Tone rounds out the look, can be used for contouring underneath your green face or to blend into the purple eyeshadow look. Use all 4 in a full face look or a complete eyeshadow look fit fit for a glamourous and natural holiday. Makeup Tutorial for Wicked Witch is now available on our YouTube channel.

Suggested Use - Time: Evening/Night or Costume - Skin Tone: All

Please Choose a Finish: Palette = 4 Fairy Jar eyeshadows with Cork in Tin Container / Refill(No Packaging) = 4 2.5gm portions of eyeshadow in biodegradable envelopes, perfect if you use it up and want to refill your Fairy Jars

Uplifting Products fun and functional zero-waste palettes consist of four 2.5 gram Fairy Jar eyeshadows, blush or highlighter. The four color combinations are selected with complementary shades to create an overall achievable look or style, obviously they are usable alone as well. Fairy Jars come with a natural cork closure and are refillable and reusable. All four Fairy Jars come in a tin case palette that snaps shut for easy travel and clean up.

Why get excited about a 2.5 gram fairy jar!?! UP is in a continued effort to provide eco friendly cosmetic packaging! Keep your colors chemical free in a glass fairy jar, plus you are ELIMINATING plastic waste once you finish your eyeshadow. Check out our Blog post on why I’m convinced this is the future of makeup and just how easy it is to use.

A photo of a look that you can achieve with your palette is provided as an example.

We list suggested styles or looks by time of day, occasion, and skin tone. However, these are just suggestions and are not rules, they are not meant to offend anyone, just to assist with those who are unsure of what they need for the style they want.

Here at UP we truly believe that makeup is art and it's all about how you express that artistic side of yourself! There is never a right or wrong way to do anything and all styles are welcomed and appreciated.

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