Original Minty Toothpaste

Original Minty Toothpaste (Antibacterial) Ingredients: baking soda, coconut oil, diatomaceous earth, sea salt, stevia powder, vanilla extract*, peppermint essential oil, spearmint essential oil and wintergreen essential oil

Forget the fluoride! Coconut oil is great for healthy gums and teeth. Mixed with sea salt, diatomaceous earth and non-aluminum baking soda, all ingredients chosen for their detoxifying power, high mineral content and natural scrubbing the gets teeth clean.

Fresh and sweet without chemical additives or artificial sugars. Clean your teeth and keep your mouth in balance with nature.

Raw and organic coconut oil has antibacterial, antimicrobial and hydrating properties. Raw and organic means its made in the traditional method with minimal chemical processing. Luckily modern machinery has made the labor less intense!

Coconut oil as a toothpaste ingredient works like the ancient Ayuverdic tradition of oil pulling. Oil pulling has multiple health benefits that have been proven both by modern science and thousands of years of first hand experience and success. Oils help remove fat soluable toxins that cannot be removed in any other way. Check out our blog post on Oil Pulling and traditional oral health routines from around the world.

Baking soda is in 95% of modern commercial toothpaste. Both antibacterial and whitening while it gently scrubs, this makes it a superior ingredient for our natural toothpaste.

Natural sea salt has 84 monoatomic minerals that are only found in sea salt, these minerals are essential building blocks for several functions and structures in your body. This also adds a natural scrubbing action to our toothpaste.

Diatomaceous earth is high silica and a natural scrubbing agent. Antibacterial, detoxifying and a natural whitener this makes a great multifunctional and unusual ingredient.

Essential oils are the essence of the plant itself. Harnessing the natural energetic and scent properties of the plant from which it comes. We only use pure and natural essential oils for our flavor blends. All of our essential oils from a Canada based company that directly sources its essential oils from the country they grow best. Several countries around the world have these sustainable contracts with farmers and manufacturers to guarantee quality therapeutic grade essential oils.

Due to its natural source, essential oils will vary season to season and batch to batch. We do our best to maintain flavors and scents over the seasons, but slight variation in scent and chemical composition is a natural process of essential oil making.

Available in 4 unique flavor combinations. New vegan formulas!

Comes in a 4oz mason jar. Please recycle or reuse our packaging.

All UP packages are created using eco friendly methods. All boxes and padded envelopes are made of biodegradable materials and held together with biodegradable paper tape. All padding is upcycled or reused from our own ordering.

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