Scrunch Concrete Tabletop Head

Scrunch Concrete Tabletop Head

This item is made to order in 5-7 business days.

The quintessential scrunch face, captured in this concrete head! This expressive sculpture is a fun & quirky tabletop conversation piece. See our other expressions to create your own humorous dialogue.

Approximate Dimensions: 2 1/4"H x 2"W x 3"D

Approximate Weight: 9.5oz

Olander Earthworks cement Heads offer dynamic fun and versatility for their owners. A fun addition to your work decor or around the house. Each head can be tilted to rest on a number of unassuming flat spots that compose the underbelly of the piece. Like the faces, heads can be displayed by themselves or in groups, both indoors and out. While these humorous gestures will emote fine individually, they are at their best in a social context. The possibilities of combinations and positions amongst a group of heads are seemingly limitless. The fun grows exponentially the more of them you invite to the party.

Category : Visual Arts

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