Crabbypants cotton boxer shorts

I know you know someone who's a crabbypants. Heck, everyone can be a crabbypants at one time or another... but there are people who have embraced their crabbiness to such a degree that they deserve underwear to drive the point home. And if you're married to one of those people, you have my empathy... these were inspired by my own husband...

On the front of the wrapper you'll see the title - "CRABBYPANTS"

On the back of the wrapper, you'll find a list telling you what type of guy they're suitable for:

¨ Crabapples
¨ Cantankerous crustaceans
¨ Oscar the Grouch
¨ Grumpy Old Men
¨ Fiddlers
¨ Hermits
¨ Sideways walkers
¨ Maryland natives
¨ Anyone who enjoys potboilers
¨ Anyone who plays horseshoes
¨ Anyone born under the zodiac sign of Cancer
¨ Friends of Ariel & Nemo
¨ Anyone who’s got crabs

When ordering, please specify size (corresponding to waist size for pants):
S = 26-28
M = 30-32
L = 34-36
XL = 38-40
XXL = 42-44

All of my boxers are full-cut with a three-panel design (no center back seam) and a functional fly. I make all of my products in a smoke-free home, I only use woven 100% quilter's quality cottons, I prewash all fabrics before I cut so the finished garment stays true-to-size, and all interior seams are finished by flat-felling. These are some quality underpants... please forgive the insinuation of a venereal situation, but if I'm making UNDERPANTS with CRABS on them, you can hardly blame me for going there...

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