Pick your print cotton face mask, contoured shape, fabric ties

Here we find ourselves in 2020 with need for face coverings when we leave the house, in an effort to prevent the spread (or reception) of cooties. I've been making these for donation drives for front-line workers, now I'm offering them for sale to my awesome customers. Because if we're going to be responsible, we can be stylish too!

Here's how it works - I have (probably literally) TONS of fabric prints available. Check out the boxers in my Etsy shop at www.bonuspants.com to see the variety of prints (yes, even items listed as "sold out", I can typically find enough scrap to make a mask). I have some specific prints up with their own listings at www.bonusface.com too. Include a note with your order as to which prints you want and I'll make it happen. And if you have a special request, just send a convo - I'm happy to send pics of other fabrics in my vast collection. Chili peppers? Pickles? Penguins? Monster trucks? YES. Seriously. Try me.

All materials are prewashed, so there will be none of that new-fabric smell (which is actually formaldehyde, used in the finishing process), and layers won't shrink. The outer layer is the fun print, then the inner layer is a finely woven sheeting fabric in either black or white, depending on the outside print. This way you can easily tell which side goes toward your face. They're designed to be washed repeatedly, so consider getting more than one lest your primary mask is in need of laundering.

This design is sized S/M/L, which is a bit of a crapshoot. I'm pictured wearing a medium. The other weird picture demonstrates the distance between the bottom of my nose and the tip of my chin (a little over 2.5"), which seems to be the pertinent proportion to help determine sizing. I'd say if you're closer to 2", you'd take a small, in the 3"+ neighborhood would need a large.

***A note if you're trying to figure out which mask style is better for you. At the advice of people who have to wear them professionally, I'd offer this: if you're going to be wearing a mask for a prolonged period of time (a work shift, for instance), you'd likely find the style with fabric ties to be more comfortable. If your primary use will be quick errands (a trip to the store or post office), the elastic ear loops likely won't get too irritating.

****AND FURTHERMORE! A note for those who wear glasses: wash your glasses with a little liquid soap or shaving cream, and you'll find that will minimize them fogging up!

Check out all of my mask styles at www.bonusface.com !

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